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thank you for joining us. clayton, still basking in his victory. >> let me have this. >> log on to for the after the show show. we'll have more embarrassing questions. >> thank you, tucker.
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look at that crowd. this is a fox news alert on a very historic day in vat condition city. these are some of the last pictures of pope benedict xvi before he steps down at pope on thursday. the pontiff giving his final sunday bless to go 100 thousands of the faithful in st. peter's square. he says even though he's retiring, he's not abandoning the church. he'll live in a monastery on the vatican grounds. he has one more public appearance on wednesday. then he becomes the first pope in 600 years to step down. coming up in the next hour, we've have a lot more. the pope's last day at the window. monsignor james liasson ty.
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>> brand-new information about the horrific crash that injured dozens of nascar fans. >> a live look at the daytona speedway where crews worked through the night to repair a gaping hole in the catch fence. thank goodness this was there. a car careened off the track, hurling debris into the stands. even part of the engine. the people were lined up along the fence as the cargoes airborne. the fence ripping off the front of the vehicle, sending chunks of metal into the crowd. here's what some fans had to say. >> i didn't realize he was hurt as bad until i saw him laying over and his leg was bleeding pretty bad. we all tried to help him. i grabbed my belt and wrapped it around his leg. he's cut from his -- from right here all the way down to his
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knee almost. he's in there and he's doing fine. the first thing he said was i hate i'm going to miss that race. >> good morning, welcome to "america's news headquarters." the race will go on today. >> good morning. >> good to see everybody. speedway officials are of course investigating what exactly caused the crash and they say it won't affect the start of the race later today. rick reichmuth is live in daytona beach with the latest. a lot of people, even though they were injured, were really lucky it wasn't more serious. >> we know nobody sustained life-threatening injuries. we thought two were in critical condition but they're now? in stable condition. nascar said some of those injured will get special accommodations for the race today. i talked with one person who talked with one of the injured, who had broken her leg, and
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she's ready to get back to the race today. the images you see from the race, extreme and scary coming 12 years after the crash that caused the death of dale earnhardt on the last turn year e nationwide00. series race, today the daytona 500 race and you can look on the field and you can see that the fence has been repaired. there had been a little hole,en entry way that allowed fans to come on to the racetrack before and after the race. the crash hit what would have been a weakness in the fence, unfortunately causing the engine and a wheel to go through. listen to what one person in the audience had to say. >> you have to realize a motor was sitting in the stands a wheel -- i don't mean a tire, a wheel with a brake drum on it and everything, flying over your head and the debris everywhere and smoke and people crying.
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>> yeah, you can see this video, this was them working last night to repair the fence. it is now a solid fence, there's no entry way that would probably mean it's a more secure fence for today's race. in the nascar press release, they said anybody with seats for that area, if they're uncomfortable, they'll try to get them to safer seats. the crash was extreme. reagan smith was trying to block brad kozlowski. smith tried to block him and caused kyle larson's car to be catapulted 75 yards before the finish. larson walked away uninjured. listen to what he said to say after going through that. >> i'm not sure where everything ended up on the track. i hope the fans are okay and the drivers are all right. i took a couple big hits and saw my engine was gone.
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i hope everybody's all right. >> seeing his car afterward, it's amazing how he walked out of there. nascar has done a lot to make the cars safe and now they'll have to decide if there's more to do to make sure the spectators are safe as well at these events. >> we'll be following it later today. thank you. the clock is truly ticking down in washington. lawmakers are looking to avoid $85 billion in automatic budget cuts that will happen. the white house says the loss of this domestic and defense spending could have a dire impact on our country. confrontation republicans saying the white house is using scare tactics. joining me, byron york, from the washington examiner. good morning, great to see glue good morning. >> do you think these are scare tactics or do you think the white house is trying to get congress to get its act together and prevent this march 1st
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automatic cut? >> there's no doubt the white house is putting out a lot of worst says scenarios, churning out interviews and fact sheets and press releases, each day outlining town official things. the president will go down to virginia on tuesday to a naval installation to try to dramatic advertise the cuts there. -- dramatize the cuts there. they said people would be waiting 90 additional minutes to get on planes, delays at airports. the park service putting out warnings, things will be closed, beaches will be closed. the redwoods might be damaged in the national parks in california. all sorts of stuff. republicans are skeptical about some of this. they think it's called a washington monument strategy, used for many decades in budget fights. you take the most revered,
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highest symbol of government and threaten to shut it down. you say we're going to close the washington monument. >> more important than that, i would imagine, let me just jump in, for all americans, when you here they're going to close air traffic towers, you get concerned because people fly for business or personal reasons. that's part of the automatic cut. have republicans offered an alternative? >> republicans -- first of all they've offered alternatives to the sequester, which is to cut more entitlement spending. democrats absolutely did not accept that just as republicans don't accept the democratic plan to have a mix of cuts and tax increases. but i think if you talk to veterans of the government, who are republicans, they'll say that the cabinet departments have more flexibility dealing with cuts than they're saying. it doesn't mean people have to be laid off or furloughed.
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the cabinet secretaries have authority to move money around. on furloughs, the government required to give most workers a 30-day notice if they're furloughed. if the sequester goes into effect march 1, no furloughs until april 1. >> a lot of people wonder, when you talk about automatic cuts, are we talking about cuts to the budget or talking about smaller increases in budget numbers? i think that matters to folks at home. also, what will it take to get a bipartisan resolution before march 1? >> that's a a great question. the answer is it's the latter. it's a cut in the increase of spending for the next decade. federal spending will still go up. i looked at figures for the defense department yesterday. they're scheduled to go up every single year for ten years, even after the sequestration cuts. i don't think there will be a
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bipartisan agreement. i think this will go ahead and happen. republicans are giving every indication they're ready to go ahead with this. there may not be a lot that happens march 1st and they'll have time to argue with it and change it. >> are they still on vacation? >> they are. you know a lot of people have said if the world's going to end, if we have a huge crisis, how come the president played -- took a few days to play golf in florida and congress has been off for an entire week? they'll come back on monday. >> thank you so much, byron. weep keep an eye on this. >> thank you. >> new developments from iran this morning. just days before more talks resume over the country's disputed nuclear program. the islamic regime discovered substantial uranium deposits and
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discovered new nuclear united u. >> this amid continuing fears tehran has been developing a nuclear bomb, will the new talks achieve anything? former united states embassador to the united nations and fox news contributor john bolton joins us. >> good morning. >> on tuesday they'll sit down in kazakhstan and do what? >> i'm very worried as we've discussed before that the united states and our european friends will propose a critical concession to iran that we will permit iran to continue to enrich uranium to a reactor grade level if iran promises to give up enriching to a higher level. that sounds like progress but it's not. iran will remain close to a capability to enrich to weapons grade levels.
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worst of all, by agreeing to any kind of enrichment, week conceding the legitimacy of iran's nuclear program, which from the start has been a weapons program t represents a retreat from the u.s. and european position of over ten years. it represents a retreat from the u.n. security council and resolution of over six years ago. this is a deal tehran would like. they would like more as well. they would like relief from the sanctions and i'm very worried, particularly with the new secretary of state, and possibly a new secretary of defense, the obama administration wants a diplomatic success, quote/unquote, which you can achieve by giving into your adversary's position. >> they say the democratic mat tick could be a success. you mentioned john kerry embarking on this trip. what do you think he'll propose on the trip in dealing with the nuclear issue?
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>> i'm worried what will happen is by legit myselfing the iranian program you increase the risk iran will get to nuclear weapons very quickly. the example of north korea, we've seen their third nuclear test within the past days. that once you get to a certain point, people begin to accept that you are a nuclear power. that's what the north north kors have counted on in the face of stiffer sanctions imposed. the lesson for iran is keep plugging ahead and they'll overcome the west's opposition. once that happens, everything in the middle east changes. >> you've raise add great point, the sanctions against north korea have been much stronger than tehran. they've had three tests already. >> yeah, look, the sanctions against iran are having an economic impact, primarily on iran's middle class, which is the element of iranian soto possess to the ayatollah.
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the fact iran is prepared to spend what it needs to broaden and deepen the nuclear weapons program. they issued their regular quarterly report which showed iran continuing to expand and modernize the enrichment process, making progress on a water reactor, a breeder reactor for the plutonium. iran not worried at all about the united states. the only question is what the government of israel decides to do in the next months. >> you mentioned the iea and that report they issued this last week. look, they say that iran, they've installed even more advance centrifuges. what does this mean when they install more advanced equipment and how close can they be to potentially achieving a nuclear bomb? >> the enrichment hulls are huge, could hold up to 20,000
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centrifuges. so they have a lot of empty space. the fact they're beginning to install the second generation centrifuges and perhaps more advanced equipment demonstrates that they're not inhibited in terms of expenditures on the nuclear program. the more reactor grade uranium they have, the easier it would be to create a large number of nuclear weapons quickly. many estimate they have enough low enriched you're uranium to t eight in a few weeks' time. if we legit myself -- >> eight nuclear weapons in a few weeks time says u.s. embassador john bolton. next sunday we'll talk about what they did or didn't achieve when they start talking on tuesday. >> thank you, eric.
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>> thank you. we want to tell you about new information on high profile cyber attacks that put our national security at risk and threatened some of the country's biggest corporations. experts tracking them to hackers in china. peter doocy with details from washington. what's the latest? >> we got specifics from the chairman of the house intelligence committee, congressman mike rogers who says the chinese are stealing intellectual property of americans companies. they take an america company as idea and create a chinese competitor without spending time or money on research and development. the congressman says there's nothing we can do to stop it. >> i have never seen such a prolific, exponentially growing problem that the united states isn't prepared to handle. the chinese coming into our
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networks, stealing blueprints, taking it to china and the economy competing in the international market. >> the white house promised that president obama is putting pressure on the chinese to cut it out. >> i tell you that we have repeatedly raised our concerns at the highest levels about cybertheft with senior chinese officials, including in the military, and we will continue to do so. >> for their part, a chinese foreign ministry spokesman denied wrongdoing this week in mandarin. quote, internet hacking attacks are an international problem that should be resolved on the basis of mutual trust and respect and international cooperation, continuous criticism based on data is irresponsible, unprofessional
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and not helpful but the american security firm put out 60 pangs pangs -- pages of evidence they say proves the chinese military is using a 12 story building in change -- shanghai as a base for international hacking. >> the future of the catholic church. coming up, more from the vatican city where a massive crowd gathered in st. peter square. people around the world cheering pope benedict for a final blessing. he offered it before he steps down. in the next hour we'll take a look at his legacy and choices to succeed him. >> you may have heard everything about the oscar pistorius trial. a new twist, shocking charges oscar's brother is now facing. and next in "sunday house
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welcome back, everybody. exclusive interviews on fox new sunday days ahead of automatic spending cuts known at sequestration. tom coburn and claire mccaskill lay out the argument. >> sequestration is a terrible way to cut spending. i don't disagree, but to not cut 2.5% out of budget? give me a break. there's easy ways to cut this money that the american people will never feel. what you hear isout rage because nobody wants to cut spending. it will be somewhat painful but not cutting spending is going to be disastrous. >> we've got a much bigger problem down the line in terms of reducing debt than what we face this week. why not take the specific offer the president has on the table
7:25 am
that does cut entitlements and get a big deal, fund the government, quit careening from crisis to crisis that frankly hurts confidence of investors and hurts our economy. >> joining me, the chore anchor of "fox news sunday," chris wallace. >> good morning. >> here we go again. >> this time -- but this time we -- it's going to happen. we asked mccaskill and coburn and our four panelists, is sequestration going to happen on friday? they all think it is. there's a difference of opinion how bad its going to be but it's going to happen, and it's going to be fascinating to see as it ripples through the economy and government, how much impact it has. both sides took a risk. the president and democrats
7:26 am
thing the cuts will be painful and voters will blame republicans. republicans don't think it will be bad, 2.5% on a $3 trillion budget and voters may decide we can cut more. >> it sounds like a lot of pot ticks. >> but it has a real world impact. i mean you're cutting $85 billion. people are going to be furloughed. if you're furloughed, you -- only work four days a week instead of five. a 20% pay cut. programs will be cut. republicans think democrats are scaring voters and exaggerating the effect. people thrown off head start and delays at airports. until we see the real impact on real lives, we won't know what the political impact will be. >> knowing each and every section of what will happen unsequestration, we know everyone will feel the impact in
7:27 am
some way and we've got five days left. when you think back to fiscal cliff, things can happen at the last minute. do you see any move on a bipartisan basis for another alternative to happen? >> no. no. only thing that could happen -- and the difference -- the fiscal cliff, the moment we went over that, everybody's taxes increased. march 2nd, nothing will happen. all the cuts -- it's not a cliff, it's a gentle slope because you're going to have to give people notice about furloughs. those people may not be furloughed until late april, so there's no dramatic effect the day after. so there's no sense of urgency. one thing republicans will try to go, and the white house is resisting, is to give the administrators at the agencies some flexibility to say look, instead of can you get -- that's the way sequestration is. you have to cut the same percent
7:28 am
from every budget. instead, cut more from this and less from that, but the cuts will be going through. >> it might be a big bucket. >> a big mess. >> well, i'm looking forward to hearing both of them describe what it will look like so people will know ahead of time. thank you for getting both of these interviews for us. are. >> thank you. >> don't miss the exclusive interview with claire mccaskill and tom coburn. fortune in to "fox news sunday" at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. only on fox. the next hour we'll have kansas governor sam brownback telling us what he thinks can be done about sequestration and government spending. and we're less than three hours from the start of the daytona 500. nascar racing fixed that track after the violent crash yesterday that injured fans and caused damage. "sunday house call," the doctors are in with a warning that some physicians may be
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